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San Diego in Ssouthern California has tredemndously changed for spirits in the past 5 years.Until recently, It was a tough market to introduce innovation and new ideas as most people did not want to venture into experiencing as much as one would have found in many other places in California.

The culture was very much focused on doing the same and enjoying big brand names. However, San Diego was in the heart of the beer renewal and the introduction of craft beers and micro-breweries such as Stone Brewing, Ballast Point or Karl Strauss. Now with more than 150 micro-breweries the city has had to change and start embracing new brands of alcoholic beverages and this phenomenon has spilled over to the spirit category with new micro-distilleries starting too.

Hence, Monteru Brandy has opened interests and I was able to present about 8 different brandies to the Scotch Society of San Diego who hosted the event in 2018.

This was very successful. Thank you to Andrew Smith for his great organizing of the event.

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