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The origins of MONTERU date back to the late 1700’s when the descendant of the Count of MONTERU moved to the Cognac region and married his daughter to the son of a cognac merchant.

Since then, MONTERU has remained closely tied to the tradition of brown spirits distillation and has progressively become a reference for super premium brandy but also a leading innovator in the category.

MAISON MONTERU is the first French producer of single grape brandies distilling the most sought-after single varietals. This innovative and modern spirit range combines both authenticity and tradition while creating a new product category of brown spirits somewhere between the most traditional brandies and single malt whiskies.

MONTERU Single Grape Brandy is a superior choice of spirits for the most demanding connoisseurs throughout the world.


We aim to preserve the individual expression of each grape variety. We source and select specific grapes from our vineyards and from our local partners. The harvest is brought to our estate to be pressed and vinified.


Then, we double distill our single grape wines in copper pot stills, using the traditional Charentais Alembic. This allows MAISON MONTERU to produce small batches of spirits all with intricate differences.

Access to the Best Resources

Producing a high quality Single Grape Brandy requires a complex combination of many resources, however, the two most important resources besides distillation are:

  • access to the best grapes.

  • optimum aging conditions.


French grape varieties are the most commonly used in the world and grapes of French origin are the most sought-after. We source these grapes directly from our estate and from especially selected local partners.

This allows MAISON MONTERU to produce small batches of spirits all with intricate differences. We then age the spirits in our MONTERU stone cellar, on the Atlantic coast, where the temperature and the humidity levels remain stable.


Another significant characteristic of our process is to age our brandies in different types of oak casks: French first, imparting delicate nut flavors, then American oak which conveys subtle spice and brioche aromas.


Our MONTERU spirits are then bottled in individually numbered bottles to preserve the uniqueness of each batch.


In our dedicated cellars, we apply our family proven methods of aging to mature our brandies in oak casks previously used to age various other spirits.


We believe MONTERU Single Grape Brandy is extra special because of the attention we paid to detail whilst crafting this spirit.

Why Double Distilled?

Most spirits are single distilled using industrialized large scale continuous distillation columns. MONTERU uses antique typical alembics with a double distillation.


More distillation would not make sense as it would enhance the neutrality and erase the individuality of each specific grape variety. Double distillation is the perfect amount of distillation to balance fruit, aroma and purity for a ultra premium brandy.

Why Single Grape Varietals?
Most grape brandies must be produced only from compulsory grapes regulated by their appellation such as the Ugni Blanc for Cognac and Armagnac. Other eaux-de-vie use grapes sourced from various origins.
For MONTERU the selection of the grape is central as we are one of the first to produce brandies that express the individuality of each varietal.
We source premium French grapes. We aim to maintain the authenticity of each grape variety by sourcing them directly from our estate and from local partners.
Triple Toast & Double Cask
After distillation, we craft our pot still brandy with a unique Double Cask Aging process. This consists of ageing in two types of oak to bring depth and complexity to the spirit.
MONTERU is first aged in refill French oak casks for 2 years which brings mild woody notes. For the last few months, the ageing is finished off in charred refill American oak casks, providing distinctive notes of smoke and sweet coconut.
Rare Cask Finish & Pot Still Brandy
Monteru is a limited release in our Experimental Cask line.
Our Cellar Master is passionate about experimenting with a variety of casks to create unique aromatic and flavor profiles. Only the best cuvées that yield harmonious and interesting results are bottled and sold on a periodic basis.
Limited Release
Monteru brandy is handcrafted with care and traditional methods using double-distillation in Charentais copper pot stills. Our Master Distiller skillfully oversees this process manually to ensure that each style of brandy has the desired flavor characteristics.
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