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Today marks the end of the Netherlands' annual Wine & Spirits trade show Dranken Expo. Patrick Vigneron and Aliette Mouroux were able to introduce for the first time the new Monteru Rare Cask Finish product lines to the trade.

Bresser & Timmer had discovered Monteru Brandy in June 2015 while visiting Vinexpo trade show. We were thrilled by their enthusiasm. Sure it is difficult to sell a 'brandy' in Netherlands because the consumers do not understand and particularly appreciate premium brandies. The category brandy is not associated with anything premium but we are going to change this. Hence, it took an innovative and courageous importer to pull the trigger.

First, Bresser & Timmer imported the Monteru Single Grape Brandy and started distributing them in October 2015 around Amsterdam.

A little bit of History: brandy comes from Dutch brandewijn (“burnt wine”) as the Dutch were the business and some of the original distillers distilling wine to make a spirit. In fact, much of this heritage is very much alive in South Africa were a huge brandy industry is currently burgeoning (see, , but this heritage of quality brandy in Netherlands seems to have faded away now for whisky products.

The Monteru Brandy Rare Cask Finish were very well received by the trade as they tasted a rare cask finished brandy for the first time. People were particularly surprised by the Monteru Brandy Triple Toast which is very smooth and pleasing indeed!!

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